Journals Found Project

Journals Found was designed for anyone and everyone who wants to be involved in writing a great novel. This mission begins by an individual who briefly writes a portion of their life story, then hands the journal off to a friend, a stranger, or simply leaves it somewhere for another to find, and so on, until each page is filled, at which time we ask the last writer to return the journal to our office for completion.

Each journal comes with an ID number enabling us to track its progress throughout the country, and the world. Each time a person discovers a journal, they are instructed to log in to our website and record some details so that each journal can be followed by all who have written in it.

If youʼd like to begin a journal, please contact our office or go to our website and weʼll get you started.

But keep your eyes open, you never know where a journal may find you….

Have you found a Journal and would like to write about it?  Please tell us about it!